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Super Lube® is a leading brand of a 40-year-old manufacturer of high-performance synthetic food-grade greases and lubricants.

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Kroil - Trusted by Industrial MROs and Trades Professionals Since 1939

Kroil is the best penetrating oil used by pros. When it comes to freeing corroded items in tough spaces, nothing rivals powerful, industry-proven Kroil penetrating oil.

Kroil quickly loosens rusted or seized nuts and bolts, frees frozen shafts, pulleys, and more. No space is too tight to reach, thanks to Kroil’s ability to penetrate the smallest opening, thread or crevice. Corrosion meets its match, as Kroil removes and prevents rust, cleans and lubricates, and displaces moisture.

“Kroil does the job so well. You have to consider the time you spend taking a broken bolt out and how much you’re going to struggle trying to get those bolts out. It pays for itself if the product does the job of getting the bolt out easily and quickly.”

– Plant Manager, Manufacturer

Our products are available in:

  • Drip: 8oz
  • Aerosol: 10oz, 13oz, 16.5oz
  • Liquid Gallons: 1, 5, and 55 gallons

Kroil helps you get the job done.

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