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Super Lube® is a leading brand of a 40-year-old manufacturer of high-performance synthetic food-grade greases and lubricants.

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Proven Products For The Fleet Industry

It’s not an understatement to say that fleet vehicles are indispensable assets in our world. From delivering goods and services to transporting people to keeping us safe, fleet vehicles are absolutely integral to our daily lives. And, whether powered by gas, diesel or an electrical charge, fleet vehicles are constantly exposed to environmental conditions, road debris, salt and other substances. As a result, there is almost no way to avoid corrosion and other mechanical issues that can bring vehicles to a halt.

Who Knew?


Number of delivery vehicles utilized by one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the US

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700 Billion

Annual revenue contributed to the USGDP by the trucking industry


Amount of additional fuel burned by a poorly-maintained engine

Regular maintenance is crucial to prolong the life of fleet vehicles and their components. In fact, fleet maintenance can literally make or break a business by helping to avoid:

  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Lost revenue, due to vehicles being out of commission
  • Loss in productivity and labor during downtime
  • Towing and repair costs
  • Damaged goods or equipment
  • Health and safety issues
  • Increased fuel costs

The Right Tools For The Job

Proper fleet maintenance requires skilled technicians. And, considering ever-advancing vehicle technologies, fleet mechanics are constantly being asked to utilize their existing experience and continuously learn new things. Throughout this cycle, technicians count on proven tools to help them perform maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively. That’s where Kano, the makers of Kroil, comes in. Fleet maintenance professionals regularly turn to the following Kano products to save time, money and equipment:

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