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Super Lube® is a leading brand of a 40-year-old manufacturer of high-performance synthetic food-grade greases and lubricants.

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We could bore you with a bunch of marketing speak here, but instead, we’ll just let our customers do the talking…

Mechanical Line Foreman

Customer Reviews

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Became a true believer of the Kroil products today. We were trying to pull a fan drive off the front of a engine and it was just not working. Had a cross bar puller on it and had it tensioned up pretty tight. I walked by service truck and saw that [Kroil] can so I sprayed a little bit on the back of the shaft and it popped about 3 seconds later! Started back with puller and it fell off in my hands!

Ag Service Company

“Like magic, the lubrication penetrates the toughest bolts.”

Amazon Reviewer

“It does the job so well; it pays for itself.”

Plant Manager, Major Manufacturer

“Kroil has been the most impressive penetrating oil…I would never not have Kroil on hand for the toughest jobs.”

Machinery Maintenance Supervisor, Petroleum Refining Company

“I don’t really care how much the stuff costs…a couple of squirts of Kroil just doesn’t cost that much compared to the cost of the job.”

Maintenance Manager, Power Company

“Kroil is the penetrating oil that I swear by. If you use it on a seized part, it is guaranteed to come apart.”

VP of Maintenance and BD, Aviation Maintenance Company

“My go-to is Kroil Original Aerosol. As far as penetrant goes, it is unmatched.”

Industrial Technician, Gun Manufacturer

“Kroil does the job so well. It pays for itself by working easily and quickly.”

Plant Manager, Manufacturer

“Prior to using Kroil, we had to do a lot more manual labor to free frozen parts. The breakage rate was 85%, which then required drilling out the broken studs. Kroil has reduce stud breakage by 80%.”

Marine Machinery Mechanic

“We deal with a lot of situations where heat has frozen all bolts, particularly on hot box core jobs and heat treat ovens. Before Kroil, it was burn ‘em off and drill ‘em out. Now, we have a high rate of success with just Kroil and a hand impact wrench.”

Senior Field Service Technician

“$50,000 worth of monotype equipment lay idle while we messed with twelve lousy screws. Soaked the parts in kerosene, light oil and several other penetrating oils. Then, we used Kroil, which turned the rust to mush, so we could turn the screws and use the machine again.”

Press Operator

“I freed a stuck brake wheel cylinder piston with Kroil Penetrant with Silicone. Just minutes after spraying it on top of the piston, it was able to be drawn out with no damage to the piston or the cylinder.”

Auto Mechanic

“If I see a can of Kroil in a shop, I know they know what they’re doing.”

Master Automotive Equipment Technician, Telecom Company

“My priest suggested Kroil to help me clean up my language.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Super penetrating, long lasting, and doesn’t smell like road kill.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Had a bolt stuck on an outboard motor that had years of heavy use in saltwater. After throwing every other penetrating oil on it (and failing), I found Kroil. Literally one application and the bolt was out!”

Amazon Reviewer

“Never fails; it has worked on every bolt!”

Amazon Reviewer

“Best product I’ve found in 20+ years.”

Amazon Reviewer