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Super Lube® is a leading brand of a 40-year-old manufacturer of high-performance synthetic food-grade greases and lubricants.

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We could bore you with a bunch of marketing speak here, but instead, we’ll just let our customers do the talking…

Mechanical Line Foreman
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“It does the job so well; it pays for itself.”

Plant Manager, Major Manufacturer

“My go-to is Kroil Original Aerosol. As far as penetrant goes, it is unmatched.”

Industrial Technician, Gun Manufacturer

“Like magic, the lubrication penetrates the toughest bolts.”

Amazon Reviewer

Kroil reduces our labor man-hours by 30% on a daily basis. Some other products just don’t cut it. Kroil helps us save time, which in turn, saves the owner money by reducing their labor bill.

President, Aircraft Maintenance Company

Union Ironworker. We use it all the time!

Gerry Louisville KY

Working on cars with my dad, and after the first broken bolt he told me about Kroil. Better late than never.

Ben, Bridgewater NJ

“$50,000 worth of monotype equipment lay idle while we messed with twelve lousy screws. Soaked the parts in kerosene, light oil and several other penetrating oils. Then, we used Kroil, which turned the rust to mush, so we could turn the screws and use the machine again.”

Press Operator

“I freed a stuck brake wheel cylinder piston with Kroil Penetrant with Silicone. Just minutes after spraying it on top of the piston, it was able to be drawn out with no damage to the piston.”

Auto Mechanic

When I worked for Boeing  it was the only penetrating oil allowed on our production floor. Never seen anything like it.

Peter, Sinking Spring PA

”Became a true believer of the Kroil products today. We were trying to pull a fan drive off the front of an engine and it was just not working. Had a cross bar puller on it and had it tensioned up pretty tight. I walked by the service truck and saw that Kroil can, so I sprayed a little bit on the back of the shaft and it popped about 3 seconds later! Started back with the puller and it fell off in my hands!”

Ag Service Company

When I joined the Rolls Royce Owners Club almost 30 years ago  members strongly recommended Kroil products. I tried and have used regularly ever since.

Lynn, Miami, FL

“I don’t really care how much the stuff costs…a couple of squirts of Kroil just doesn’t cost that much compared to the cost of the job.”

Maintenance Manager, Power Company

“Kroil has been the most impressive penetrating oil…I would never not have Kroil on hand for the toughest jobs.”

Machinery Maintenance Supervisor, Petroleum Refining Company

“Kroil is the penetrating oil that I swear by. If you use it on a seized part, it is guaranteed to come apart.”

VP of Maintenance and BD, Aviation Maintenance Company

I was 5 years old and my Grampa was working on Grams car. She had a flat tire and was stuck in traffic in Boston on a one way street. I remember it was after school and there was a lot of traffic and people were getting angry there was a lot of yelling and shouting. It was very scary and my Grams started to cry. Gramps came and started to change the tire. It started to rain and I could see him getting frustrated. He went back to the trunk because the lug nut wouldn’t come off. He had this orange can and sprayed it on the frozen lug nut. Honestly it broke the rust free. He changed the tire and Gramma left and traffic started to move. As I have grown older and learned it was KROIL, I never bought another product. I tell my friends and family even coworkers about how well it works! Great stuff would highly recommend it.

Nick, Somerville MA

One time and I was a believer. My tractor had been sitting a very long time and I had to break the tire loose. Sprayed with Kroil and let it sit overnight and WOW!!

Carey, Anniston, AL

“Kroil does the job so well. It pays for itself by working easily and quickly.”

Plant Manager, Manufacturer

A machine shop foreman swore by it and introduced me to it almost 30 years ago. It worked better than anything else on rusted stuff.

Steve, Pittsburgh, VA

“Had a bolt stuck on an outboard motor that had years of heavy use in saltwater. After throwing every other penetrating oil on it (and failing), I found Kroil. Literally one application and the bolt was out!”

Amazon Reviewer

“We deal with a lot of situations where heat has frozen all bolts, particularly on hot box core jobs and heat treat ovens. Before Kroil, it was burn ‘em off and drill ‘em out. Now, we have a high rate of success with just Kroil and a hand impact wrench.”

Senior Field Service Technician

I was an apprentice in 1973, and the maintenance men used Kroil to loosen upside rusted gib bolts. Made me a quick believer!

Roger, Chicago, IL

Rusted motorcycle axle. I beat and heated it  nothing. Put some Kroil on it over night and 1 whack it came loose.

John, La Salle IL

“Prior to using Kroil, we had to do a lot more manual labor to free frozen parts. The breakage rate was 85%, which then required drilling out the broken studs. Kroil has reduce stud breakage by 80%.”

Marine Machinery Mechanic

My Father was a machinist and used Aerokroil. So when I started in the HVAC trade and needed penetrant I reached for Kroil!

Michael, Dallas TX

“If I see a can of Kroil in a shop, I know they know what they’re doing.”

Master Automotive Equipment Technician, Telecom Company

A friend gave me a can  best stuff I’ve ever used. Stuck bolts give me no fear because I know Kroil will unstick it

Gary, Washington DC

“My priest suggested Kroil to help me clean up my language.”

Amazon Reviewer

I was given an old can of Silikroil years ago from a tech who was liquidating an electronics fabrication company. I never heard of the stuff before. I noticed it had a faint sweet odor- unlike another penetrant that I loath using because it stinks so bad. I first tried it on some frozen lug nuts on my van that I suspected had galled because I couldn’t budge them even with a breaking bar. Silikroil did the trick! I was amazed! I have been hooked ever since and always have some with me at every job. I think of it as 10-50ftlbs of torque in a bottle and has enabled me to work on repairs that normally would have required air tools. Now I use it to restore old Hammond organs with frozen or jammed parts as it is safe for delicate mechanisms and has saved me from having to do involved and time consuming teardowns to unfreeze hard to get at gears.

Robert, Germantown NY

I first used Kroil at the nuclear plant I worked at  it, worked very well, so I started ordering my own for on the farm.

Terry, United States

Restoring my 1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam Special, Kroil let me remove the 50 year old bolts and nuts without breaking a single one.

T, Forest, VA

I restore vintage sewing machines. NOTHING cuts through the crud and rust of a 100 year old machine better than Kroil… NOTHING!

Robert, Keansburg NJ

I first used Kroil in the machine shop at a power plant I was doing an outage at. They swore by it and after days of slugging wrenches, I was a believer too.

Tyler, Los Angeles, CA

“Never fails; it has worked on every bolt!”

Amazon Reviewer

Dad had an old can of non-aerosol Kroil. We used it sparingly. Cheap motor oil was the usual. But Kroil came out when the bolts wouldn’t!

Isaac, Chicago IL

In the 48 years I have been in a manufacturing environment, Kroil has never failed to help me out of a bad situation.

Timothy, Chicago IL

“Super penetrating, long lasting, and doesn’t smell like road kill.”

Amazon Reviewer

In the mid-nineties I was first introduced to Kroil while I worked as an electrician in a steel mill. I was truly amazed by how well it worked

Joseph, Yardley, PA

The first time I used Kroil, I was removing 100 year old bolts out of a powerhouse penstock flange. It worked like nothing else I have ever tried!!

Nicholas, Yuba City, CA

I work in the automotive production business and we use your products everywhere. I’ve never seen anything work as well as Kroil

Vince, Scott Depot WV

Helping my dad fix his tractor.  Those rusty bolts were no match for Kroil.  He always called it the creeping oil

John, United States

Trying to bust a nut free on our 3000lb opening device for molds. Buddy said spray this and let it set and it worked

John, Indianapolis IN

Used Kroil @ my job as a power plant operator for the past 34 years…..awesome stuff…..If it’s seized up  get the Kroil!!!!

Robert, Muscle Shoals, AL

I first used Kroil when I worked in a shipyard 35 years ago. The best penetrating oil for anything, especially sensitive military equipment.

Jeffrey, Stafford VA

Work in the power plant industry. Kroil is the best product for freeing up hardware on mechanical systems throughout the plant

Charlie, East Northport NY

An old welder showed it to me 25 years ago. Been using it ever since. I use it on guns  rusted parts  and even to lube my stihl hedge trimmers lol.

David Vinton, VA

Working on an old car  trying to remove a rusted nuts.  Kroil to the rescue. Other products weren’t working.  Someone suggested Kroil.  Fan for life.

Edward, Rockford, MI

I was an industrial mechanic at paper mills where we used Kroil on all the bolts, nuts and flanges. Kroil oil was and still is my go to.

Randy, United States

In a remote site in Alaska near the ocean got to use Kroil the first time while working on a fire engine and it made me a believer

Nikolai, United States

A friend lost his shotgun duck hunting. We found it a year later and I soaked the choke and screws with Kroil and everything came apart! Amazing stuff!

Angelo, Claremore, OK

I read about the best penetrating oil in the world and had to try it  about fifteen years ago. At that time it was called Aero-Kroil.

Bill, Lebanon OR

I worked for the federal government and I was trying to get a penetrating oil from the supply system. This was back when we used cards and microfiche to try to find what you need. Out of several attempts to find a good stock number for something that worked, I was buying Liquid Wrench out of my own pocket just trying to get the job done on stainless steel bolts in aluminum structures on the ocean. Then the FSN gods smiled upon me and I got a can of Kroil, only they called it AeroKroil back then. Oh what a change! I was getting so tired of drilling out broken bolts and re-tapping the threads. I ordered a case and passed it out like candy. I no longer ended up looking like the tin woodsman from all the Anti-seize compound. It took me awhile to find a local supplier so I could have some at home too. Now I am retired but still hooked up with Kroil.

Glenn from Medford OR

I used Kroil as a mechanic at the power plant that I worked in for 32 and 1/2 years. Used it numerous  times to free rusted nuts and lubricate parts.

Dave, Springfield, MO

I saw Kroil in the GM assembly building in Moraine, Ohio, and thought “why haven’t I seen this before??” Love it, thanks. Auto mechanic.

Edward, Miamisburg, OH

Stuck and rusted bolts on a 1989 jeep that pb blaster deep creep and liquid wrench failed to break free. One shot of Kroil and I was hooked for life!

Quinn, Noblesville, IN

I first used Kroil to get dowel pins out at my job as a machinist. I tried all kinds of things, and the only thing that worked was Kroil.

Phillip, Kennesaw, GA

Using it to loosen and remove 50 year old exhaust manifold nuts without stripping or breaking a single one. Believer for life.

Aaron, Bossier City LA

I was introduced to your product by an HVAC contractor  and I used it on some frozen bolts with great results.  It works great on all my projects.

Donny, Amherst, MA

Oh so many years ago my father introduced me to Kroil.  He swore by it and I have come to be a believer over the years too.

MARK, Grand Rapids MI

Rusted bolts simply don’t stand a chance. I am a maintenance manager with over 25 years of experience. I always turn to Kroil.


“Best product I’ve found in 20+ years.”

Amazon Reviewer