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Proven Products For The Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is subject to myriad global and national constraints ranging from continuously fluctuating prices to strict regulatory monitoring. These organizations must constantly adapt to these restrictions, along with ongoing demand changes. One supporting function in particular can have a direct impact on operations, and potentially bring an entire venture to a standstill if not well managed: maintenance. Oil industry assets are complex, expensive and constantly exposed to the elements, requiring highly-trained specialists to manage replacements and repairs.

Who Knew?

$1.3+ Billion

Annual maintenance cost attributed to corrosion in the oil and gas industry

Oil Rig Illustration

7 Million

Percentage of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product that is negatively impacted by the cost of unmitigated corrosion


Total number of operating oil and natural gas wells in the United States

Maintenance ineffectiveness, especially of critical assets, can - and does - result in significant financial losses and other risks, including:

  • Accelerated asset depreciation
  • Wasted work hours
  • Slowed or halted production
  • Missed production, delivery quotas and deadlines
  • Reduced product quality and reliability
  • Lost revenue
  • Worker safety issues
  • Environmental disasters

The Right Tools For The Job

Beyond technology, good maintenance also comes down to simple nuts and bolts…and there are literally millions of them on the nearly one-million oil and gas wells in the United States. Keeping these parts and other metal components in good working order requires skilled, eagle-eyed technicians and the finest specialty products on the market. That’s where Kano, the makers of Kroil, comes in. Kano products have been used in the oil and gas industry for decades to help service and maintenance professionals keep assets functioning in almost every type of environment. The combination of predominantly metal components with near constant operation and exposure to the elements, equates to copious amounts of unwelcomed rust, corrosion and greasy surfaces. To combat this, the pros turn to the following products:

What Customers Are Saying

“Kroil has been the most impressive penetrating oil…I would never not have Kroil on hand for the toughest jobs.”

Machinery Maintenance Supervisor, Petroleum Refining Company

“We deal with a lot of situations where heat has frozen all bolts, particularly on hot box core jobs and heat treat ovens. Before Kroil, it was burn ‘em off and drill ‘em out. Now, we have a high rate of success with just Kroil and a hand impact wrench.”

Senior Field Service Technician

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