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Super Lube® is a leading brand of a 40-year-old manufacturer of high-performance synthetic food-grade greases and lubricants.

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Proven Products For The HVAC Industry

Service technicians in the commercial HVAC industry are used to working in challenging conditions, in both open and tight spaces. Whether it is a rooftop installation constantly exposed to the elements, or a waterfront location subject to corrosive, humid, and salt-filled air, environmental factors can do great damage to expensive and sophisticated HVAC equipment. Simply maintaining these systems is hard enough; replacing them is even more complex. Service must be precise and no time can be wasted.

Who Knew?

$30 Billion+

Estimated size of the US HVAC systems market

$500 -$2,000

Average amount businesses spend annually on preventative HVAC system maintenance


Number of HVACR mechanics and installers employed in the US, according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics

HVAC pros regularly use Kano products to assist in the maintenance, repair and disassembly of various system components, including:

  • Motors, pumps and fan blades
  • Heat exchanger bases and covers
  • Nuts, bolts and other fasteners
  • Hinges, linkages and dampers
  • Air handler components
  • Tie clamps and more

The Right Tools For The Job

Dealing with rusted, corroded, greasy and locked-up parts are everyday tasks for HVAC maintenance technicians. That’s why professional-grade products from Kano, the makers of Kroil, are regularly included in HVAC service kits. Kano products help save time and money by speeding repair and disassembly, while reducing labor costs and extending equipment life.

What Customers Are Saying

“My Father was a machinist and used Aerokroil. So when I started in the HVAC trade and needed penetrant I reached for Kroil!”

Michael, Dallas TX

“We deal with a lot of situations where heat has frozen all bolts, particularly on hot box core jobs and heat treat ovens. Before Kroil, it was burn ‘em off and drill ‘em out. Now, we have a high rate of success with just Kroil and a hand impact wrench.”

Senior Field Service Technician

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