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Other Kroil Products

We have a variety of other outstanding industrial products formulated to help you get tough jobs done.


Leak Detector

Quickly detects gas or air leaks in pressure lines or vessels. It is sprayed on either a joint or a crack – where it will form bubbles on even a very small leak. Available in 16oz bottles with a spray applicator to get to the hardest to reach leaks.

  • Bubleak 16oz liquid (available by unit or 12-unit case)
  • Bubleak 1-gallon liquid
  • Bubleak 5-gallon pail
  • Bubleak 15-gallon drum
  • Bubleak 55-gallon drum


Graphite Lubrication

Provides a smooth surface of high-grade graphite. Adheres to metal for long lasting lubrication under extreme pressure, temperature and weather. Excellent where dusty or dirty environments make oil lubricants ineffective.

  • Dryphite aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)


Gear and Cable Lubricant

Specialized lubricant clings to gear and cable surfaces. Withstands extreme pressure and weather. Displaces water.

  • Gearope 10oz aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)


Clean, Clear Silicone Lubrication

Industrial silicone lubricant prevents sticking and binding, stops friction squeaks and repels moisture. Leaves a clean, clear, non-greasy, slick and rust-resistant coating. For use in areas where petroleum products are not suitable.

  • Lubricone 10oz aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)


Molybdenum Lubrication

Sprays a dry, smooth surface of Molybdenum Di-Sulfide. Adheres to any hard surface for excellent dry lubrication under severe pressure conditions. For use in temperatures from -100 degrees F to 600 degrees F. Used on slides of all types.

  • Molyfilm 10oz aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)


Mold Release

Pure silicone compound is formulated to maximize release effect when used on molds. Extreme anti-sticking properties ensure quick and complete release. Reduces sticking of parts in molds. Produces a slick, dirt-resistant finish. Heat-resistant, and highly repellent to oil and water. Valuable as a water repellent for most porous surfaces, such as concrete, wood, rubber, linoleum, etc. Use on molds, putty knives, trowels, hand saws, planes, lawn mower blades, plows, boots or any other application where extreme anti-sticking properties are useful.

  • Parteze 10oz aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)


Dry Film Lubricant

Sprays a smooth, lubricating PTFE coating. Resists the actions of water, acid, alkaline and most solvents. Lubricates where oil is not desired, such as in tanks, chutes, blenders, etc.

  • Slikene 13oz aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)


Clear Rust Preventative

Provides a tough, clear weatherproof coating in outdoor applications. A single coat provides 1-year of rust and corrosion protection. Transparent coating will not harm metals, and may be applied over paint. Easily removed with mineral spirits, or may be painted over without additional preparation.

  • Weatherpruf 11 oz. aerosol (available by unit or 12-unit case)
This product cannot be sold or shipped to California.