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Kroil Helps Keep the Aviation Industry Flying

Whenever an aircraft is sitting in a maintenance hangar, it’s losing money…in staggering amounts. That’s why so many aviation service professionals turn to Kroil.


Cost to repair a single broken bolt on a private aircraft


Amount of aviation maintenance labor time that can be saved by using Kroil


Hourly downtime cost when an agricultural aircraft is in for maintenance




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On any given day, 7,000 to 8,000 commercial aircraft are flying over the United States. And that doesn’t even count other types of flights, such as cargo, military, private jets, helicopters, agricultural aircraft, first responders and more. All of these combined equate to a whopping 15,500 to 17,500 daily flights. In addition to having expert flight crews, air traffic controllers and ground crews, superior maintenance is key to keeping that many aircraft flying safely and efficiently.

Rust and corrosion are regular foes in the aviation industry. The combination of predominantly metal components with regular (or even intermittent) operation and exposure to the elements inevitably results in rust and corrosion. Left unchecked, this can lead to everything from minor repairs to catastrophic disasters. And, whenever an aircraft is sitting in a maintenance hangar, it’s losing money…in staggering amounts. That’s why so many aviation service professionals turn to Kroil.

The Challenge

Aircraft of all types are held together by thousands to even millions of fasteners. Each of these fasteners are crucial to proper operation, and can result in costly repairs, or worse, if they fail. On a private plane, for instance, simply removing a stuck bolt can cost upwards of $5,000. And, in a typical agricultural crop-dusting business, between $1,000 to $5,000 per hour can be lost due to maintenance downtime.

The Solution

Experienced aviation maintenance technicians trust Kroil Penetrants to help keep their aircraft, and their businesses, safely in the air. Kroil is used to help loosen stuck bolts and fasteners, pre-treat metal parts prone to rust and corrosion, and assist in equipment disassembly. Kroil is also used to speed remote repairs, where it is more cost-efficient to either have the aircraft operator do the repair or send a maintenance technician to the field, rather than bringing an aircraft back to the hangar.

The Results

“When soaking parts in Kroil, the parts will come out. Even if a part is so far gone that it no longer works, at least you can get it out and not have to destroy surrounding parts. It’s an excellent penetrant, and I always keep some in my toolbox.”
Randy Ogata, Silverset Aviation Services
“It’s all about keeping the aircraft operating. Downtime can cost us $1000 an hour, and if we have to fly an aircraft back to the hangar, it doubles that expense. If we didn’t have Kroil, it would be hard to do our job. Kroil is a real time and money saver.”
Andy Stein, Aerial Control
“Kroil reduces our labor man-hours by 30% on a daily basis. Some other products just don’t cut it. Kroil helps us save time, which in turn, saves the owner money by reducing their labor bill.”
Mark Davis, Airtech, LLC
“We once couldn’t get a pin out of the horizontal stabilizer of a Falcon 20 business jet. We tried other products and couldn’t get the pin out. We then used Kroil, and within 5 minutes that pin was out. I was sold on Kroil then and there.”
Chris Pike, Aircraft Mechanic

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